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Clippers are an essential part of a grooming kit for any dog. Clippers make it easy to give your dog’s coat regular trims and touch-ups to keep your dog looking and feeling its best. There are many different types of grooming clippers, and the best grooming clipper for your dog can depend on a variety of factors.

One of the most important factors to consider is your dog’s size. If you have a big dog, you’ll need a clipper that’s up to the task. Larger dogs take longer to groom, so you’ll need a cordless dog clipper that can run for a longer period of time without needing to be recharged. You’ll also need a clipper that isn’t heavy, since you won’t want to become fatigued while you’re in the middle of a grooming session. Larger dogs also have more potential for thicker cuts and matted fur, which means you’ll need to make sure the clipper has a powerful strokes per minute motor.

Thankfully, there is one clipper which meets all of the above criteria and more. Let’s take a look the Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper, which is the best cordless dog clipper for larger breeds.

Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper

The Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper is a professional-style clipper which is designed to be powerful, easy to use, and is especially recommended for larger breeds. This particular cordless dog clipper has many excellent features, including:

  • A unique 5-in-1 blade which provides 5 different sizes in a single blade;
  • The different sizes (standard blade sizes #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40) can be locked in by adjusting the 5-in-1 blade lever to each size. This is a money and space saver all in one!

  • A strokes per minute count of 5500 SPM;
  • This clipper provides all the power you need to easily trim and groom your big dog’s coat.

  • Quiet, low-vibration performance designed with your dog in mind;
  • The subtle vibrations and quiet motor ensure that your dog won’t become scared, annoyed, or otherwise distracted by the clipper itself.

  • Lightweight design;
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around your large dog’s coat and ensures that you won’t get tired of holding up the clipper during your grooming session.

  • Double battery operation;
  • One of the significant reasons this Wahl cordless dog clipper is great for big dogs is that it comes with 2 rechargeable battery packs which noticeably extend the battery life of the clipper. Each pack can run for 80 minutes, meaning you can groom for 160 minutes–almost 3 hours!–without needing to recharge. Each battery takes 75 minutes to fully recharge

The Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper is actually a full body clipper, which means you can groom every part of your dog by simply adjusting the blades—this includes the feet, face, and other types of finishing work that may require a more delicate touch. If you’re looking for a cordless dog clipper for your big dog, then the Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper is the one for you.

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