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For many pet owners and groomers, cordless dog clippers are an essential tool for grooming. Cordless clippers can make grooming and regular maintenance a cinch, but how do you know which cordless dog clipper to choose? There are many cordless dog clippers on the market today, but some are consistently rated higher than others. The Wahl Bravura Professional Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper Kit and Andis Pet ProClip Pulse Ion Adjustable Blade Clipper are two highly rated cordless clippers—let’s take a look at a comparison between these two cordless dog clippers to help you determine which clipper is best for your needs. You can also check another Wahl cordless dog clipper, Wahl ARCO SE Professional, which is rated in top 5 dog clippers.


The weight of a clipper is important because lighter clippers are easier to hold for longer periods of time. It is much important when you groom big dogs and dogs that have thick coats. The lighter clippers are usually much easier to maneuver. Both Wahl clipper and Andis clipper are considered as lightweight. Wahl clipper weighs 8.8 ounces and Andis clipper is 10.5 oz.


Battery Type, Charge Time and Battery Life

The battery life and charge time is important because the longer you can use the clipper, the less likely it is that you will have to stop, recharge your clipper, and resume your grooming later on.

The Wahl clipper uses a lithium ion battery which provides consistent high power to the clipper for about 90 minutes; the lithium ion technology ensures that the clipper operates at full power until the battery is completely depleted. The Wahl battery typically takes about 60 minutes to become fully charged.

The Andis clipper also use a lithium ion battery, but its battery life can last longer than 2 hours. Like the Wahl clipper, the lithium ion technology provides full power for the duration of the battery life. The Andis battery takes about 75 minutes to become completely charged up.


Dogs can be sensitive to noise, so the quieter a clipper is, the more likely they are to remain calm during grooming. The Wahl clipper has been especially designed for use with pets who are sensitive to noise. Although the motor can reach about 5,500 strokes per minute, the uniquely designed motor ensures that the clipper does not become loud enough to alert noise-sensitive animals. The Andis clipper uses a standard rotary motor, which does provide quiet operation, although it is not necessarily quiet enough for pets that are very sensitive to the noises that clippers can make.


The Wahl clipper uses 5-in-1 adjustable blade technology. The blades should be cleaned before and after each use to ensure that they do not become dull, rusted, or dirty.

The Andis clipper also uses 5-in-1 adjustable blade technology. The blades on the Andis clipper need to be oiled before they are used, while they are being used, and after each use as well. They also need to be disinfected with CoolCare Plus on a per-use basis.


Both cordless dog clipper are over $100. The Wahl clipper averages in retail price for about $150. The Andis clipper is $20 cheaper.

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