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When it comes to dog food, it’s not unusual for pet owners to put a lot of consideration into what food they purchase to ensure that their best is getting all of their nutritional needs met. However, most pet owners don’t consider how they store their dog’s food to be important—even though properly storing your dog’s food will ensure that the food lasts longer, tastes better, and doesn’t pose a health risk to your pet.

There are three primary factors which can spoil your dog’s food: air, moisture, and temperature. If you store your dog’s food the right way, these factors can be eliminated or significantly avoided. The key to storing dog food long term is finding a storage system which is airtight; exposure to air also means exposure to moisture, and potentially exposing the food to higher temperatures if there is not a seal in the container which keeps warm air from entering. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 best ways to store your dog food long term.

Airtight Dog Food Storage Container

Find It In 10 Clever Dog Food Storage Ideas

The best way to store your dog food long term is in airtight dog food storage container, which is specifically designed to eliminate exposure to air, moisture, and high temperatures. An airtight container made for storing dog food can be made out of several different materials, although plastic is the most popular choice due to the relatively low cost and lightweight design. Some dog food storage containers with airtight seals are made from aluminum, metal, or even wood; there are plenty of styles, sizes, and even designs to choose from.

Airtight Original Packaging

Another option for storing dog food is to keep the dog food in the original packaging—with one caveat that must be considered carefully. The packaging for the dog food must be designed with an airtight seal which can be reused again and again. An airtight seal will effectively keep the food from being exposed to air, moisture and high temperatures. If the bag isn’t designed to be sealed up, you should choose another option.

Airtight Drawers

If you’re low on floor space, you could consider using an airtight drawer space to store your dog food. These spaces are usually repurposed drawers in the kitchen, which makes them easy access if your dog’s food bowls are in the kitchen as well. Before using drawers, however, you must make sure that they are airtight when closed. You can purchase kits that will help you convert regular drawers into drawers suitable for storing dog food.

Airtight Dog Feeder with Storage

If you’re low on space or simply want to multitask with your dog’s furniture, you could consider choosing an airtight dog feeding station with storage to store your dog’s food long term. A dog feeding station is an elevated feeder; some stations include storage compartments for easy access. If you do decide to go with this option, make sure that the storage on the feeder is airtight; otherwise it is not suitable for long term dog food storage.

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