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Like many dogs, my dog loves going for a ride in the car. And like most people, I try to make road trips—however long or short—with my dog as easy as possible on both of us. A few months ago I came across the High Road Dog Car Organizer in an online list about “things every pet owner needs on the road.” I decided to purchase one and try one out—and I’m so glad I did, because I will never go back into simply tossing everything into a big bag.

Why Is It The Best?

The High Road Dog Car Organizer is just what it sounds like: a bag that helps you organize everything your dog will need on the road in various compartments. To show you why I think this is an essential part of any dog owner’s repertoire, let’s take a closer look at its features.


Storage Space

If a bag is too small, you can’t fit everything you need into it; but if the bag is too big, it becomes unwieldy and can lead to over packing. The High Road organizer is just right–and in fact, it fits over the headrest! The bag is big enough to fit a sizable amount of food and/or treats, a few toys, at least one water bottle, a special compartment for poop bags, and space for a leash as well as space for a dog first aid kit. In other words: everything you might need on the road with your dog!


Any item that involves your dogs should be durable, and the High Road Organizer certainly passes that test. It’s made with heavy duty polyester on the outside, and a lined fabric interior which can be cleaned by wiping it down. I wipe it down after every use, even if there are no apparent food leftovers or other types of debris.


Technically, Yes! You could probably fit all of these things into any big generic beach bag. But the High Road Organizer makes everything way more convenient and cuts down on the time you spend digging around for things and cleaning up the inevitable spills. And because it hangs over the headrest, you don’t need to keep the bag in the trunk or on the bottom of the floor, making it more accessible when you want to reach over.


Whether you’re keeping it in the car or taking it on the go, the High Road Organizer looks simple and stylish. There are no garish prints or unwieldy handles, just a simple black and grey design that is perfect for anyone and everyone.



While you can technically throw your dog’s things into any old bag—why bother, when there is a high quality, reasonably priced alternative? The high quality, convenient and extra useful High Road Dog Organizer is now an essential part of any road trip with my dog, whether we’re simply driving for a routine check-up or we’re taking a road trip to our favorite beaches and parks.

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