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I love taking my dog in the car, but I don’t love the mess she can leave behind in an unprotected rear seat. If you’ve ever let a dog ride in your rear seat without any sort of cover, you probably still have horror stories about fur, dirt, bodily fluids, slobber, as well as rips and tears to tell your friends. After the first time my dog ripped up my back seat, not to mention left me a special present. I tried to improvise some protection with towels and comforters, but they tended to slide around, ended up with stains themselves, and just weren’t the solution I was looking for.

Best Rear Dog Car Seat Cover for My Car

My salvation came in the form of a friend, who sent me a link to the Plush Paws rear dog seat cover. Obviously, I’m not the only one who loves this cover: it’s currently one of the highest rated rear dog seat covers out there! Let’s take an even closer look at this highly rated rear dog seat cover to find out what makes it the best.



Obviously, personal towels and bedroom comforters don’t hold up very well to a dog climbing around in the backseat. The Plush Paws rear dog seat car cover, on the other hand, is made with a high quality, heavy duty polyester fabric. It hasn’t torn, been stained, ripped, or even looked all that worn despite many uses over the past few months.


Another problem I ran into with my impromptu solutions was size. None of the blankets and towels even came close to filling my backseat—and they left areas such as the floor, the vertical part of the seat, and the space between the fronts seats unprotected. The Plush Paws rear dog seat cover actually covers everything from just under the rear seat headrests to just under the front seat headrests. It even keeps my dog from climbing into the front seat, which is a big plus!


You definitely don’t want to deal with water or other liquid spills seeping into your car seats. With the Plush Paws rear seat, I haven’t had any problem with stains or liquid seeping into the material.

Easy to Use

The Plush Paws car seat uses quick-release buckles to attach to the rear and front seat headrests. It only takes me a few seconds to clip on, so there’s no real added travel time or inconvenience at all.

Easy to Clean

The Plush Paws car seat cover should be wiped down after each use, whenever possible. And because the material is waterproof, if my dog happens to leave behind any liquid surprises, all I need to do is give the cover a quick wipe down.



My car has never been cleaner or safer for my dog on our road trips! With the Plush Paws car seat cover, I don’t have to worry about messes at all. I highly recommend the Plush Paws rear dog seat car cover for SUVs and similar sized vehicles.

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