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Excess weight and obesity is a serious concern for dog owners, and many veterinarians are finding that more dogs are becoming overweight every year. One of the reasons for the increase in overweight dogs may be that pet owners are afraid of feeding their dogs too little, and don’t consider that they may be feeding their dog too much food. Another reason is a lack of physical exercise for the dog, which may be due to physical limitations or due to dog owners not ensuring their dog gets enough physical activity during the day.

However, if your dog is overweight, there is something you can do—and should do, due to the serious health concerns that come along with obesity in dogs. Being overweight or obese increases your dog’s likelihood of heart problems, breathing problems, kidney disease, arthritis, and potentially even certain cancers.


It is important for overweight dogs to lose weight. However, it is vital that your dog loses weight in a healthy manner. Some dog owners simply try to make their overweight dog exercise for long periods of time, hoping it will help burn off fat. But over exercising your overweight dog can be dangerous and pose some serious health concerns. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers of over exercising your overweight dog, and what you should do instead.


First, you need to know the signs that you are over exercising your overweight dog. Be very aware of these signs and immediately cease exercising if your dog is exhibiting any of them. Here is list of signs which may tell you that your dog is exhausting. Any one of these signs is an indication that your dog is being over exercised.

  • Your dog is lagging behind on a walk when they are normally in front of you and excitedly walking.
  • Your dog is limping or appears reluctant to run, jump, walk, or otherwise do normal behaviors.
  • Your dog is panting during the exercise or after the exercise.
  • Your dog has extreme or unusual thirst.
  • Your dog is sleeping or laying down more than they normally do.
  • Your dog does not want to go for walks like they normally due.
  • Your dog is not listening to or missing commands and cues they normally adhere to.

When your dog is being over-exercised, it could be suffering from many health problems. The major dangers of over exercising your dog include:

  • Injury due to straining their muscles, legs, shoulders, or back.
  • Even further reduction in activity because of reluctance to exercise out of fear of being overexerted.
  • Potentially damaging their organs if they are exercising more than their bodies can handle.
  • Possible heart or breathing problems due to their body being put through more than it should.

It is important that your dog is not over exercised—and thankfully there are many ways you can reduce the risk of over-exertion. Instead of going on runs, take your dog for leisurely walks; take shorter walks more often rather than one very long walk; limit games of fetch to a few throws; or feed your over-weight dog
low fat dog food; just to name a few. You should also consult your veterinarian, who can help you put your dog on a weight loss plan that is safe and healthy for them.

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