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Just like human babies need training in various practical aspects of life, your new puppy also needs some training. If you have brought home a dog that has not been trained well or not trained in a particular task, it will need the required training. Without proper training, your puppy or dog will learn poor habits that can be detrimental to its well-being. Training your dog may look a difficult task but it can be a rewarding experience if you handle it well. Divide large tasks into smaller ones to handle this process better. If you do not want to train your dog yourself, you can take help of a professional dog trainer. However, it will cost you some money in service charges.

First of all, collect some important dog training supplies. It will help you train your dog properly, quickly and easily. There is a wide range of products to help dog owners train their dog. Learn how to use dog training tools and supplies. Take help of dog training online guides and books before you start training your dog. Having the right tools, supplies and knowledge will make this task easier.

Potty training, toilet training or housebreaking is the first thing you need to teach your dog. You can take help of a special dog crate used for this purpose. Some dog owners are not comfortable with the idea of using a crate but it is not a big problem for the dog. There are different designs of dog crates. Use the one that suits your dog size. Learn how to train your dog with a crate. You can also confine your puppy inside a small room or keep it on a short leash. Once your puppy has learned to relieve itself in an outdoor area, you can gradually expand the size of the area where you keep it confined. A new puppy will need frequent potty opportunities so be ready for it.

Behavioral training is essential if you want to avoid your dog developing bad habits like chewing, car chasing, unnecessary jumping and climbing on furniture, Use training methods after taking into account the natural instincts and behavior of the dog. Next, you have to train your dog to follow your commands. It should follow commands like come, sit, stay, drop and heel. Use no more than 10-15 minute sessions for this type of training. Train your dog before the meal times because the meal will work as a reward.

It is important to avoid feeling impatient when training your dog. It will test your patience only during the first few weeks of training sessions. Gradually it will start following your commands and learn to do its tasks without getting instruction and assistance from you. Some types of training are part of advanced training regimen. For example, the heel command is a part of advanced dog training class. Your dog should be trained to walk on a leash.

A dog is going to need crate, house, leash and obedience training sessions. A special problem-solving training session may be needed if your dog picks up bad habits like chewing, excessive barking, unnecessary jumping and digging. You have to prepare your dog for separation anxiety. These training sessions help your puppy and dog socialize properly. It feels comfortable and can handle adverse situations well even when you leave it alone. In case, you have enjoyed reading this article, feel free to visit http://www.buildgreatfarms.com to learn more about dog training.

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