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All About Coupons for Dog Food

Golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breed in the U.S. Lots of parents like to adopt a golden retriever puppy for their kids. So they can grow up together and puppies can bring funs to the family and it will also helpful to develop their kids’ personality.

However, different from adult dogs, puppies are much difficult to take care at home. As they are not strong enough to against outside harms, their immune system is not well developed to resist all types of bacteria and virus. Therefore, they require more attentions from us.

Besides that, food for golden retriever puppies is another topic which we must take care. Depending on the puppy’s age, their digest system is developed at different stage. For each stage, they are feed in total different way. For example, puppies before 8 weeks are been nursing at this period. After 8 weeks, it will be able to introduce some puppy food. But still, you must do this slowly as their digest system will not be adapted to the dog food so fast. This progress could be very difficult. Therefore, for people who want to adopt a new dog home, it’s better to adopt one older than 8 weeks, at least you can easily feed them with dry dog kibble.

3 Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever

As golden retriever is a large-sized breed with long coat. They need more energy and nutrition than any other small breeds. Here I list top 3 puppy food which you can consider for your golden retriever puppies.

Wellness Core Puppy Food

Wellness core is the premium dog food from Wellness. The Wellness Core puppy is specially designed for puppies. It optimizes the nutritional combinations to best meet the puppy’s daily needs. The first ingredient, raw chicken meat, is the excellent source of high quality protein & fatty acids. The fatty acids benefits puppies by reducing allergies and allergic responses, enhancing the immune system, improving puppy’s skin and coat. Combine with Salmon Oil, the natural source of DHA or Omega 3, it support brain and eye development. The spinach can provide enough magnesium and iron.

Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Puppy

Why Merrick? It is a 5 star dog food from USA. The grain free is considered as the premium among all its recipes. Let’s see its first 5 ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes. This ingredient combination provides a balanced nutrition with real whole food. It is ideal for golden retriever puppy. Merrick grain free puppy food use deboned chicken as the source of DHA, which provide enough nutrition for brain development. This recipe is balanced with 55% protein and 45% fresh produce, vitamins and minerals. To help customers be able to afford with this premium puppy food, Merrick also offer some merrick dog food coupons from time to time.

Rachael Ray Zero Grain Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

You may not hear about Rachael Ray dog food before. But it is quite welcomed in several North US cities. The reason I mention this Rachael Ray zero grain recipe is because of its’ first ingredient, the salmon. First, what’s zero grain? It’s just the same as “grain free”, but different form. This recipe use real salmon as its first ingredient, which will offer rich digestible protein to help your puppies build healthy organs and lean muscle. In the meantime, salmon fish is also the best source of Omega 3, known as DHA, which I already mentioned several times to support vision development and cognitive functions. Combine with other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, peas, tapioca, and beet pulp, the whole meal provide enough nutrition for our puppy whole day activities.

In the End

The puppies at home will bring us full of fun and make the life much interesting. They deserve the best food, which can provide the essential nutrition and enough energy for their daily life. So they can continually bring happiness to all of us.

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