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Elevated dog food bowls are a popular choice for many dog breeds—but are they right for golden retrievers? Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of raised food bowls for the golden retriever breed.

Pro: Elevated food bowls can prevent back and neck strain in some dogs
An elevated food bowl will ensure that your dog is not hunched over too far while they eat. For dogs that have conditions such as arthritis and neck or spine injuries, this posture is the best at reducing stress and pain on the back and neck. Most dogs that benefit from the reduction in stress are older dogs that have developed arthritis.

Con: In larger golden retrievers, raised food bowls can increase boating risk
Although popular consensus is that raised food bowls are designed to prevent bloating, the opposite is true for certain dogs based on their size. For large dogs, elevated food bowls may actually increase the risk of bloating—a serious medical condition which is fatal if not immediately treated—by 50% when compared to bowls placed on the floor. You should consult with your veterinarian about using an elevated bowl for your golden retriever, since the recommendation can vary depending on your dog’s size.

Pro: A raised food bowl may help some dogs eat slower
One of the benefits for raised food bowls is that it can help some dogs who tend to scarf down their food eat slower due to the change in posture. If your dog has a habit of eating his food extremely quickly, try out a raised food bowl stand to see if it corrects the problem.

Con: They may not be adjustable enough for your dog
Elevated stands need to be tailored to each dog in order for the bowls to be raised at just the right height. Many elevated stands are not adjustable, which means that they may be too high or too short to be beneficial for your golden retriever. To combat this, you should measure your dog’s height while they are standing normally with their paws in front of them; and you should measure the distance between their head and the bowl in your raised dog food stand. Most vets recommend the distance between be about 6” to provide the most benefit for dogs with medical conditions and to help reduce the potential risk of bloating.

Pro: They are beneficial for dogs with megaesophagus
Golden retrievers who have megaesophagus will have extremely difficulty eating normally because the condition causes their esophagus has become enlarged and loose; with this condition, food stays in the esophagus and never reaches their stomach. This can cause serious health complications including weight loss, muscle loss, choking, and even death. An elevated stand allows for gravity to push the food and water down properly. For dogs with this particular condition, using an elevated bowl may be the only way they can eat normally and enjoy a healthy life.

The elevated dog food bowls has other benefits for all dog owners, regardless the breeds. For example, some elevated dog food bowls has a dog food storage. Some of them are made of wood with good style looking, others are made of plastic with great airtight feature to keep dog food dry and fresh.

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