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It’s October in 2017, I hope it’s not late to release this most popular dog food in middle 2017. This list maybe a little bit different from other top dog food list. But I am sure this ranking is basing on objective data. The data includes two part: Google trend data and my own dog food website search data.

This list covers both dry dog food and wet dog food. Some people may say it could be unfair to put dry dog food and wet dog food in one top list. In some perspective, this comment could be true. But in this article, I just want to tell you what’s the most people want on my website and what kind of dog food they are feeding their dogs. If you really want to see another top list for dry dog food or wet dog food respectively, please leave a message in the end of this article. You can also refer this dry dog food top list as well. So hope you will like this 3 most popular dog food top list in middle 2017.

#1. Merrick Dog Food

Merrick dog food is the top 1 dog food which most people are searching on my website, for feeding advice or discount coupons. I believe not all people know Merrick dog food. It also surprised me when I get the result. Actually, Merrick has been running their pet food business since 1988. Now they are producing over 190 dog food products including both dry and wet. If you are searching on my website with “Merrick Dog Food”, you will find it appears in several top list, then you will not question why this dog food brand is #1 here.
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#2. Wellness Dog Food

Wellness dog food, it is always in my top list. And this time, it is the 2nd most popular dog food till middle 2017. This dog food is quite famous and I think I don’t need to introduce it too much. Wellness dog food has 4 featured sub dog food brand:

  • Complete Health: focusing on providing whole food nutrition
  • Wellness Core: focusing on protein oriented grain free dog food
  • Simple: providing limited ingredient recipes for dogs with ingredient sensitivities
  • Trufood: offering a slow baked flavor for your dogs

#3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

I think most people will ask who Rachael is. She is a quite famous television presenter in U.S. She is hosting several daily talk programs and running 3 food network series. Rachael Ray Nutrish is a dog food brand running by her. I believe Rachael Ray is really popular as almost every day I can get some request for Rachael Ray dog food coupons from my website visitors. Actually, Rachael Ray is running several dog food brand including Nutrish, dish, just6, zero grain, and peak, over 13 products. If you are interested in Rachael Ray dog food, you can check her dog food website.

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