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Owning a dog is a rewarding, wonderful experience—whether you’re taking on your first dog or you’ve been a dog owner all your life. There are many facets of being a pet owner, but one of the most overlooked aspects of having a pet is the potential for messes—big messes—when you take your pet for a trip in the car. This is true whether you’re taking them to the vet, the park, or on a family road trip. Dogs can accidentally rip the material in your backseat with their nails; they can chew on the seats and rip them with their teeth; they can get mud, dirt, grass and other unwanted ground mess all over the back seat; they can even urinate or drool, causing leaks and messes that no one is happy to clean up. In other words: dog plus backseat? Equals the potential for big—and even expensive—mess.

Get Rid of Messy By Dog Car Seat Covers

Thankfully, there are many ways you can eliminate the risk of torn seats, muddy paw prints and other unwanted messes in your backseat when your dog is traveling with you. The primary way you can prevent most of these damages is by using a protective car seat cover; a protective car seat cover is a snap-in cover which helps protect your backseat from dirt, nails, and other messes that tend to come with dogs traveling in the car. There are hundreds of different car seat protectors on the market right now, but some are definitely more recommended than others for their quality, durability, and beneficial features.

Facts to Consider When Choosing Best Dog Car Seat

Not all dog car seat protective covers were made alike, which is why you’ll need to pay close attention to the factors that make a car seat protective cover better than others. Some of the factors you will need to consider when choosing a dog car seat cover include: the size of your backseat, the size of your dog, whether or not you have one dog or more than one dog, how often you will want or need to remove the protective cover, how easy it is to install the cover, whether or not it is waterproof, and how comfortable it is for passengers (human or canine) who may be riding in the back seat. These factors will help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a car dog seat cover.

Top 5 Seat Covers for Dog Owners

In addition to the top 5 dog car seat covers listed below, be sure to check out best rear dog car seat cover for SUV if you own a SUV. For now though, let’s take a closer look at the top 5 dog car seat covers, which are recommended by pet owners—for pet owners!

#1. PETerials Car Dog Seat Cover

Top 5 Seat Covers 1
For heavy duty mess-prevention, you need a heavy duty cover. That’s where the PETerials Car Dog Seat Covers comes in! This deluxe, heavy duty cover is 54” by 58” and covers almost your entire backseat, keeping everything from the actual back seats to the door handles and even the back of your seat safe from tears, mud, hair and everything in between. The unique hammock design features an easy locking system, and the comfortable material is thick, durable, and comfortable for both dogs and people. It is especially ideal for large breeds or if you have more than one dog.

The Original GORILLA GRIP (TM) Non-Slip Pet Car Seat Protector for Pets

Top 5 Seat Covers 2
One of the major problems experienced by dog owners with seat protectors is slippage. The seat cover can slip and just like that, mud, dirt and dog hair gets all over the backseat. However, the Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Car Seat Protector prevents that with a unique slip-resistant textured material that keeps the seat from sliding while in the car. In addition to the non-slip material, the seat features a 100% waterproof double layer, side flaps for extended protection, and a pocket for storage.

Kurgo Wander Pet Car Seat Cover

Top 5 Seat Covers 3
If you’re looking for a large, quality universal seat cover to protect your car from damage often done by pets, then the Kurgo Wander Pet Car Seat Cover is an excellent choice. It provides a universal fit for almost any vehicle and is designed to stay secure with dual front and rear attachments, making it safe and secure for any trip. Best of all, the cover features unique openings which allow access to seat belts in case passengers need to ride in the car without having to remove the seat protector first.

Acrabros Universal FitCar Seat Covers

Top 5 Seat Covers 4
This hammock-style cover is ideal when you want the maximum amount of coverage and protection in your backseat. It features dual front and rear attachments to keep it safe and secure, as well as a waterproof padding to ensure that accidents or spills don’t leak through and damage your backseat. The material is thick and quilted, giving your dog–or any passengers sitting in the back–a comfortable ride. This seat cover is ideal if you have a large backseat and need something that is designed to fit a wide width. It’s also ideal for dogs who enjoy or need extra comfort while riding in the car.

4Knines Dog Seat Cover

Top 5 Seat Covers 5
If you’re in need of a more heavy duty cover, then the 4Knines dog seat cover is the perfect fit for you. It features thick waterproof material that is free of heavy metals (such as arsenic and lead) as well as AZO dyes. The material is also unique in that it is color fast, meaning the dyes won’t run in cases of extreme heat or spills. The cover features a durable non-slip material that helps keep the cover in place, preventing your dog from damaging exposed areas of the backseat. Best of all, it’s extremely easy to install and can even be converted into a hammock-style cover if you want to increase the protective coverage and help your dog feel less anxious while riding in the car.

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