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Deciding Between Dog Food Brands

One of the hardest decisions a new dog owner has to make is researching all the various options available when it comes to dog food brands. There are literally dozens of different dog food brands to choose from, ranging from the extremely cheap to the high shelf expensive stuff and everything in between. There is even the general issue of whether to go with dry dog food or canned dog food and whether one is better than the other for certain species of dog.

There are a few important things to consider before jumping into the research end of things. The first is to understand what you’re realistic price range is. While many owners would like the really expensive and high end dog food, it’s not practical on many budgets. Knowing ahead of time what a rough estimate of your budget is will help during research so you don’t spend a ton of time comparing premium dog food that you’re not going to be able to afford anyway. This can help you to narrow down the list right away.

Another good step is to look around online for some dog food review sites. Look for sites that explain their rating systems clearly, and the rationale behind why each brand gets the rating that it does. There are many good review sites out there, but there are also some out there which are just in it for the money (which you can often tell when every single review is 5 stars and has an affiliate link). Find a trusted resource, and don’t be afraid to ask around. Your friends might have some strong opinions on which dog food is best and which brands should actually be avoided.

Finally, make sure to do some research based on the species of dog. There really is no one dog food is perfect for every species and every age. The nutritional needs of a Chihuahua are going to be far different than that of a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd. In addition to that, the age of the dog is also going to affect what type of minerals and vitamins are most important. The ideal brand of dry dog food for a Golden Retriever puppy will not be the same as the ideal brand of dry dog food for an adult Chihuahua. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good choices of dog food that can work for both, but when deciding between dog food brands it’s important to take every relevant detail into consideration before making a final decision.

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