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What Are Various Dog Food Ratings Based On?

If you’re searching around online for comprehensive dog food ratings to find out which brands or types of dog food are best for your furry friend, then you’ve probably run into a variety of dog food ratings. These can vary greatly from the 5-star system that gives points in increments of half a star, to the out of 10.0 or 100 point scale. While the actual scoring systems might be different, the goal is the same for each and every one which is to separate the many different choices in dog food into the good, the bad, and the mediocre.

Maybe a good deeper question would be to ask what exactly are the various dog food ratings based on? How can you rate two different types of dog food and compare them to one another? This is where a little bit of research can go a long way, because while it might seem difficult there are actually some very good standards by which a dog food can be rated.

The first is ingredients. Just because an ingredient is common among various dog foods doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy for the canine. Many studies have been done to see what ingredients are healthy, which are not, and which lay somewhere in the middle. Because of this, a great way to judge how healthy a dog food should be rated is by looking at the ingredients and penalizing for bad ingredients while rewarding the use of high quality or good ingredients. There are many different studies that can be found on this topic, and even some websites that break it down into simple terms so you don’t have to read an actual scientific study to get the information.

While this can seem like a slam dunk for knowing how to judge dog food ratings, there is one other problem: it’s virtually impossible to know 100% for sure how much meat is in each bag of dog food, what the quality of it was, and what the quality of operations in any dog food company is. Because of this even the most reliable rankings are going to be educated guesses based on what information is available. This is another reason that it’s a good idea to be reading dog food rankings that explain the score for each individual dog food and why each one scored exactly where it did. This will at least give you a little extra information to help determine if you agree with the dog food ratings or not and to make an informed decision on what to buy your dogs.

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