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Finding Unbiased Dog Food Reviews

There are hundreds if not thousands of various dog food reviews online, but how do you find an unbiased dog food review that you can trust? That’s one of the hardest questions to tackle on this topic but it is also one of the most important. Finding trustworthy sources to get the full story behind the most common brands of dog food will help you to make an intelligent and informed decision on what to feed your pet. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and there’s nothing that helps a dog’s overall health like a good diet.

The most obvious place to look for some good dog food reviews is online. Many printed materials and rankings that are put out there read like advertisements because they are – each dog food company can come up with rankings and praise labeling them as one of the best dog food companies in the business. The key is going to an unbiased source. There are several online websites which contain dog food reviews and even if a site appears to be user based instead of authority based, that’s okay, too! If fifty different people put down a review and most of them are bad or most of them are good, then you still get a very good and fairly trustworthy idea of how that company stands.

Another method is to look around for official magazine rankings from dog breeder’s magazines or general dog interest print magazines. Many of these will have online sites that include their choice for best dry and canned dog foods, and some will even have list of the worst foods which need to be avoided. Either list still provides a lot of help when you go looking for the ideal brand of dog food for your pets.

Finally, a good bit of advice for spotting some real reviews versus the phony ones is to look at the actual language being used. Do the reviews sound like they’re written by actual sales people or do they sound like rehashed sales pitches? Do some phrases sound phony or awkward like maybe someone from another country was paid to write fake reviews? It doesn’t take an English major to see when something’s amiss, and trust your instincts on this one. You’ll be able to figure out which reviews are real and which are phony. Once you clearly see the difference you’ll have no problem finding some trustworthy dog food reviews to help you pick out the ideal food for your dog.

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