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Just like humans, dogs can have seizure too. Most of the time, it’s an inherited disease. However, no one really knows its exact cause. It can be triggered by a liver disease, brain tumor, kidney failure, toxins or brain trauma. And though these dogs will experience seizure attacks, they still appear normal between seizure episodes. If you have a dog with epilepsy, the best thing that you can do is to ensure proper care, especially on its nutrition. This is one way of minimizing seizure episodes. However, even some local vets are not familiar on the ingredients to be avoided to prevent seizure attacks. But if you really care for your canine, you will help ease the discomfort brought about by its illness by hunting for the best food to sustain...

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Have you ever wished you can feed Prairie dog food products to your canine but feel that you are out of budget? Well, as it has been said, love will find a way. Hence, if you truly care for your pet, you will invest your time and effort looking for Prairie dog food coupons. As long as it is valid and you use it in stores where it is accepted, your wish for your dog will surely be granted.
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The very reason why dog owners love their pets is because they are sources of true joy. Hence, it’s about time to pay them back and this can initially be done by satisfying their basic physiologic needs. And food is the initial need that has to be met according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When we talk of dog food, this does not mean anything that has been sold in the store. Remember that not all of them can provide the exact quality that your dog deserves. Opt for brands which use high quality ingredients to boost your dog’s health. Nature’s Variety foods uses raw foods combining fish protein, poultry and meat. And they considered nutrition as the pinnacle of their products. But the good things in Nature’s Variety does not only...

$3.00 Discount on Healthy Weight Dog Kibble 2014
$4.00 Off For Instinct Healthy Weight Dog and Cat Kibble
Dogs can be your best friend but things can’t be a lot better if their health is compromised. All the while, we think that the fatter our dogs become, the better. Hence, once we start feeling its ribs and waist, we feel that they are undernourished. Surprisingly, such is not the case. The more you must worry when you can no longer feel its ribcage and waist. This simply means that your pet belongs to those 40% of dog population that are overweight or obese. This can lead into various health problems like orthopaedic issues, cardiovascular ailment and diabetes. However, before...

Today, I got new manufacturer coupons from Instinct. This printable coupons give $3.00 off on any Instinct Grain Free Limited Ingredient biscuit treats for dogs. Limited ingredient diets has 3 types of dog food, Instinct grain-free limited ingredient kibble, Limited Ingredient Can and Limited Ingredient Treats. Limited ingredients treats are new products in this winter. The Oven-baked biscuits is in new limited ingredient formulas. There are two favours available, Turkey Meal and Pumpkin and Lamb Meal and Spinach. Limited ingredient dog biscuit treats are made with limited ingredients. It provides grain-free and gluten-free nutrition with only one single protein and one simple starch. The formula contains only 10 pure, simple ingredients...

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